Top selling artists in London

Top selling artists in London

Sophy Bristol

sophy-bristolSophy Bristol is widely known for her ability to manipulate naturally and play with color and form in her works. She had a very sensitive approach when it came to translating and depicting human emotions on the canvas.

Reg Eldridge

Reg Eldridge, a painter with great talent was born in the early 19th century and went on to study painting for two years from 1937 onwards. He was particularly interested in Life Drawing and Portrait Painting that he studied at the Clapman School of Art. Eldridge was later invited to showcase at The Royal Society of Portrait Painters in 1970, and continued to showcase with them for the next 20 years.

Sue Blandford

She once famously said that she is more interested in poetic side of the objects that have their practical uses and offer symbolic evocation. She thought that the magic was mundane. She then further added that she is very much concerned with the concepts of light and dark, peace and uneasiness and how man-made objects interact with natural objects.

After receiving a degree from the Norwich School of Art and Design in the year 1991, she later held several exhibitions across England including London.

William Dick

William Dick studied and used ancient symbols belonging to Celtic and Scottish arts and Scottish arts and used them in his paintings. He also studied land, earth and the process of its geological formation, making it possible for each image to transform and grow on a illusionary and physical level.

David Stanley

Stanley is known for using color and form on an empirical level which later became the core structure and also the main substance of his paintings. His paintings use elements such as light and color to immerse the views.

Karen Aghamyan

Karen was born in Yerevan situated in Armenia and went on to become one of the most successful painters of her time. She is now the president of the Artists Union founded in Armenia.