The Best Art Galleries In England – London and beyond

The Best Art Galleries In England – London and beyond

Whether your taste in art covers contemporary sculpture or you love Old Masters, London has a gallery for you. Aside from the well-known galleries, London is packed with hidden treasures and artistic events. There are so many to visit that it can be difficult to choose, but some simply must be seen. London’s National Gallery displays a host of paintings by masters such as Van Gogh, Constable, and Renoir. The National Portrait Gallery houses the world’s biggest collection of faces, from Shakespeare to present day icons. The Barbican Art Gallery always has a major exhibition to enjoy, from Turner prize-winning artists to stars of design. This is just for starters!

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From Pre-Raphaelite art and Turner landscapes to the Rex Whistler Mural, there is something for everyone in Tate Britain. This gallery contains the largest collection of British art in the world and must be seen. If you are searching for contemporary art then Chelsea’s Saatchi Gallery is for you, with work by new and international artists alike. On the banks of the Thames, you will find Tate Modern, a converted power station that is now Britain’s national museum of modern art. A visit to these wonderful galleries might just inspire you to take your love of art further. can help you find a course to further your dream.

Galleries around England

England also has wonderful cultural art hubs in many areas of the country. The top 5 galleries outside London are well worth visiting. Hastings’ Old Town boasts the Jerwood Gallery, dedicated to art education and home to modern British art. Modern Art Oxford reflects the international scene and displays the most interesting contemporary visual arts. On Margate seafront is the exquisite Turner Contemporary – well known as England’s home of modern art. Chichester’s Pallant House has an amazing collection of Modern British Art and showcases works from Tate’s collection. Tate Liverpool on Albert Dock also hosts works from Tate and is a cultural experience. It is time to discover art.