Study art abroad

Study art abroad

Many young people are considering an education in art. There is a wide variation in art studies and therefor a variation in jobs too. Perhaps you have talent in music, photography or drawing, or something less obvious like writing or design. But even if you’re not talented on these levels or creative at all, art could be your field of study. For example, think about art history, become an art teacher or consider a career in art management. Besides all that, studying art is interesting and fun, and you will meet a lot of interesting people.

shutterstock_439813831Consider Doing Your Art Studies Abroad

If you’re considering studying art, you must definitely consider studying abroad. When you’re an artist, a new environment will give you new inspiration. Now imagine when this new environment is set in a different country! Being surrounded by a new culture will be great for your artistic developement. You might hear new music or see new buildings that inspire you to get to the next level, or maybe you’ll meet other artist that inspire you. Studying abroad is a great option even when you’re not an artist, especially for art history students. What better way to learn about art history than to be surrounded by it! Check for inspiration.

Not an art student? Go abroad anyway!

Do you have no interest at all in studying something art related? Consider studying abroad anyway! If you’re interested in a specific degree in science or business, do some research on which universities specialize in that field. There is a good chance that the university that’s best for you is not in your country. Besides the quality of education, think about all the social and perhaps business connections you can make abroad! Not to mention improving your language skills. If leaving the savety of home is not quiet your thing, you can chose to apply for an exchange program and only go abroad for one semester.