Royal Academy in Central London

Royal Academy in Central London

royal-academy-in-central-londonRoyal Academy was founded in 1768 and since then it is working with the objective of promoting artists wherein these artists gets exposure and credit as per individual merit. Royal Academy holds annual summer exhibition which is open to the public. Usually, this exhibition is scheduled in the summer months of June, July and August every year. There are various things that are on display in this exhibition like sculpture, paintings, drawings, designs, prints etc. Every year, this summer exhibition gets thousands of entries. The process is simple for getting an entry in this exhibition.

Process for submission

Any artist can submit their work. Submission price for each art piece is 25 pounds. One artist can submit up to two pieces of art. Earlier there were three submissions allowed, however, over a period of time there was a huge increase in the number of participants and hence the submissions were reduced to a maximum of two. The committee for this academy comprises of 80 academicians who form the council of academicians and is chaired by the President of Royal Academy. All 80 academicians have the power to submit six art pieces of their own in addition to other entries.

These exhibitions are run by Royal Academy and have themes. There is money involved in terms of awards. In total, around 70,000 pounds are given in prize money which also includes 25,000 pound award money for Charles Wollaston Award.

Division of Sale Money

Whenever a piece of art is sold through the exhibition, there is a division of the purchase money. 30% of the price that an art piece is sold at goes to the academy and 70% goes to the artist. Royal Academy provides a way to thousands of artists to showcase their artworks on a grand scale and the probability of them being famous, known and selling art pieces is high as this exhibition attracts art lovers in huge numbers.