Rivalry between Turner and Constable still alive

Rivalry between Turner and Constable still alive

rivalry-between-turner-and-constable-still-aliveThe epic rivalry between two of the greatest painters of their time, John Constable and Joseph William Turner is still alive and very much kicking. The rivalry started in the year 1833 when both the painters found their paintings hung side by side on the wall.

Turner became anxious and he kept coming back to the sport where Constable was adding a final touch to his master piece, The Opening of Waterloo Bridge. Finally, overstepping the board, Turner came back one last time, this time with his palette and applied a daub of red on the painting in the sea area. They did not exchanged words but clearly, the war was declared.

Constable came back to see his master piece tampered with and complained. He knew that turner was behind this as he kept coming back to the spot. Needless to say, the exhibition turned out to be a disaster and the critics slammed his work. The Morning Herald called the painting a “piece of plaster” and then further added the Mr. Constable thought of himself as Turner.

Several years have passed but the rivalry still continues and these two amazing painters and artists are going to be at war one more time. Two exhibitions have been organized where their work will the put on exhibition for the world to admire. In one corner you will find the late Turner at Tate Britain, and in the other you will find Constable with The Making of a Master at the Victoria & Albert Museum.

Turner is said to have never married and used to live with his father. He used to call him Daddy even when Turner was old. Constable on the other hand was born and raised in the country is is said to be very fond of his son.