Brick Lane Gallery

Brick Lane Gallery

brick-lane-galleryBrick Lane Gallery was formed in the year 2006. This gallery hosts exhibitions and solo shows for artists from around the world. Artists from the UK and other parts of the world can exhibit their art pieces in the form of photography, paintings, sculptures, work on paper and video, mixed media etc. These galleries are located at two locations which are easily reachable. Artists from various backgrounds get an opportunity to showcase their artworks for better exposure and Brick Lane Gallery supports them in the best possible way. In order to feature in these galleries, artists need to submit a portfolio and even images of the work is accepted as an entry. These images or portfolios are screened and reviewed before they are accepted.

Brick Lane Gallery not only provides expert guidance to individual artists but also suggest exhibitions where these artists can showcase their work. They have various options for the artists to choose from in terms of how they want their work to be shown to the world. Solo or in a group, whichever way the artist wants and is comfortable in can be opted for. The professionally equipped staff at Brick Lane Gallery is always ready to assist artists n the best possible way.

At Brick Lane Gallery, the staff can manage almost everything for an artist’s exhibition. Some of the services that hey provide are:

  • Set Up and Installation
  • Invitation via email to over 40000 people through Brick Lane Gallery’s mailing list
  • Invitation cards
  • Reception at the time of exhibition opening
  • Press Release
  • Promotion for the exhibition
  • Exhibition details on Brick Lane Gallery’s website
  • Pricing advice
  • Sales Support, etc.

For British artists as well as international artists from other parts of the world, Brick Lane Gallery has been a stepping stone for many. They provide help and support in building dreams into reality.