5 Must-See Landmarks In England

5 Must-See Landmarks In England

Great Britain is full of omnipresent places worth visiting and seeing at least once in a lifetime. Majestic castles, picturesque sceneries, mighty buildings, that witnessed the years go by and much more can be found particularly in England. It is an old country, that combines modern architecture and historic monuments. All that topped off with a magnificent beauty of the countryside. No matter if you are a local or a tourist, England has plenty to offer and see. Places, that make a truly lasting impression and carry the English spirit.

shutterstock_139999093Truly breathtaking spots

Some of the landmarks in England do not need an introduction, as they are already well known and recognizable all over the world. One of them is Stonehenge is the county of Wiltshire, estimated to be more than five thousand years old. A little younger, but still dating back to Roman times, is Hadrian’s Wall. It was a Roman fortification wall in the province of Britannia. Both of them are definitely worth a visit. www.schoolapply.co.in offers programs, that allow combining studying with traveling to a foreign country and seeing all the great places. Two birds with one stone!

Historic scenery worth a moment

England also has to offer beautiful natural landscapes. One of the places, that will leave you in awe, are the White Cliffs of Dover – simply breathtaking. Cities can also be an interesting place to visit. London itself is a goldmine of monuments and landmarks. Two worth mentioning are the Tower of London and Big Ben. The former is a historic castle, mainly known for its role as a prison. It is also the place, where the Crown Jewels are kept. The latter is the most famous clock in the world. However, that is partially true – Big Ben is actually the name of the Great Bell, not the clock tower itself.